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Life is Unbearable

January 18, 2012

Three years ago,
I lost my loved one.

So many memories–
some joyful,

others regrettable,
but none distant.

His forehead was often
furrowed with thought,

with the sweat of a brow as
his loving company.

This placed in the center
of the grand scheme of the universe.

That’s why I believe that
he did not fall into the dark valley.

He climbed to the mountain top,
with the sweat of his fine brow.

He stands there,
often with that faraway look.

I bet he is trying to figure out
how to teach me to forgive,

first myself, then others and him
who had to go away.

In silence, I hear him:
“You often say, ‘Life is unbearable,’

but you are alive to say it.
So life must be bearable.

So is your grief.
Bear it and live well.”


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  1. Must share this simple yet incredibly poignant sentiment I discovered…hope reading it helps give solace to those who need consolation. Nevertheless, it struck me as being very profound.

  2. Sharyn permalink

    Beautiful and comforting. You have matching smiles.

    • If my simple but deeply felt feelings brought comforting and matching smiles, I am so glad.
      Thanks. Dai Sil

      • I felt so comforted and honored to find your words, “simple and deeply felt feelings.” No writer can ask more than that.
        Thanks. Dai Sil

  3. I love your writings and art. I am a painter living in Korea. I enjoy Dr. Ben Kim very much and his entries are always so timely. I cut and pasted the Love Poem from Nazim Hikmet to my email signature.
    This year, I will be painting a series of paintings about love…using the Korean sauna as a setting. Do you plan on visiting Korea? Where do you live in New York? I am from Long Island.

    Barbara Zanelli

    • Dear Barbara,

      I live in northern Manhattan, where I can see GW, Palisdes park.

      I am thrilled that you like my paintings and writing. I am a self taught amateur painter but I enjoy it.
      Nazim Hikmet is my recent discovery. I love his poems.

      All the best for your work in Korea and thanks for writing.
      Dai Sil

      • Thanks!

        Here is one from my sister’s email signature (funny, I assumed that he was a “she”…)

        I made a journey
        under the moon,
        in the light of the sun and rain,
        with the four seasons and all time,
        with insects, grass, and stars,
        and with the most honest people on earth–
        I mean, affectionate like violins,
        pitiless and brave
        like children who can’t talk yet,
        ready to die as easily as birds
        or live a thousand years…

        –Nazim Hikmet

  4. Your art has feeling and beauty – which isn’t taught, it just comes from the heart!

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