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Love, Sky and Wildflowers

January 3, 2012

Whenever I think of Don, I see wildflowers and the sky. To me, Don was a wildflower, not a rose grown in an impeccably groomed garden or a green house.

After Don was gone, I found his writing about a trip he took to Iowa while I visited Korea to show my films.

“The greatest joy of my trip to Iowa was to revisit the land and the sky. Above all, the land is fertile. It is not flat, it undulates, rolls, endless small valleys and diminutive hills. In Iowa, one sees the bumps, but the sky still fills everything. Especially at night.”

I never thought my husband Don would die. Actually, to me he didn’t. He taught me how to love the sky where he now belongs.

As I greeted 2012, I randomly opened a book of poems by Yong Taek Kim and found “May Letter” with a small subtitle, “to my sisters.” Below I introduce a portion of that poem.

let your body and mind
be ablaze with deep longing
and open yourself to
love, pure and urgent.

If love brings pain and sorrow,
let tears fall on your sweet feet,
the tears of joy.

Tears coming from love
circle around the sky
and fall on earth,
making the wildflowers bloom.

The earth where you stand
was firmed by love,
red as blood.

And the sky you carry on your heads
is blue with burning love.

Oh, my sisters,
weave your fingers tightly,
and stand together,
strong and courageous.


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  1. who cannot love the power of this piece!

    • Good morning, Grace,

      Thanks. Let us hope that there are lots of people out there reading this and feeling the love in their hearts.
      Dai Sil

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