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Love in Sorrow

December 30, 2011

We encourage each other to love but speak of sorrow as if it were the opposite of love. If not the opposite, then, perhaps, with power to lessen love. I’ve never really understood this since we so often talk about “laughing and crying at the same time.” When my heart is joyful, much of the time tears fill my eyes. I firmly believe that if we are incapable of being sorrowful for loss, tragedy, pain, brutality, unfairness, injustice, etc., that happen daily in our lives, we are not capable of loving enough to try to correct them.

Don in our neighborhood, 2007 (by DSK-G)

Thin Fingers

I knew about losing weight–
your belly, thighs, ass
arms and legs–
but I had not thought of
fingers losing weight.

When I first noticed how thin
Don’s fingers became
I cried.
So thin and fragile.

I wanted to wrap around those fingers
with both of my hands
to add warmth of my heart.

I still cry whenever I think of
those fingers, so thin and fragile.


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  1. Gi-Hyun An permalink

    So happy to hear from you, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your blog is so beautiful, although I have to be careful reading it at work because it makes me cry. . .

    Reading about Don makes me wish I’d gotten to know him better. I’m sad that I missed the chance and hope that you’ll continue to tell the world about him.

    • Hi, Gi-Hyun,

      I will continue to share my feelings for Don with the world in the hopes that we understand love is the essence of life.

      Be well and thanks for your sorrow for Don.
      Dai Sil

  2. jazzverhen permalink

    Thank you for your courage to share both your grief and your beautiful love. I am so glad to have found your writing here and look forward to reading more as it unfolds.

    All my best,

    • Dear Jenny,

      I am glad you found me as well.

      And thanks for your gracious encouragement.

      Happy New year. Dai Sil

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