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Relationship, Love and Sunset

December 23, 2011

Relationship does not die even after the death of the loved one.

My relationship with Don as a wife, best friend and soul mate did not die when his body disappeared. Not one bit.

How can it? I found what Don wrote on the second anniversary of our house fire, which turned the house and everything in it into ashes.

“December 29, 2003, two years after the disaster.  My health remains problematic and I am. hopefully believe, putting all that behind me. I have life, Dai Sil and hope.”

I was one of three that Don held onto after the disaster which nearly destroyed him.

Life, Dai Sil and hope.

Don lists me between life and hope. I gave him a reason to live and hope. Death could not take away our relationship.

(From Looking for Don: A Meditation)


Through my window
the sky is shocking pink and orange.

Why is the sunset so dramatic?
An attention grabber before retreat?
A rebellion to the darkness to follow?
A going away gift till the sunrise?

I don’t care.
And I don’t want any explanations
Especially scientific.

I just love the sunset I see.
It takes my breath away.
And I am lost in it.

Don and I admired the sunset
every evening together.


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  1. It is a rare thing to know how love can exist to truly empower individuals to take action and create positive change in the world. I am so deeply moved by this sense of love that Dai Sil Kim-Gibson is bringing to light here through the Shoulder Friends blog and the joint memoir “Looking for Don: A Meditiaton.”

    • Hi, Susie,
      Thanks for your kind comment. Actually you do more than I can to change the world for better without adversiting on a blog. I obtain so much strength and courage from young persons such as yourself to go on struggling. One of my joys at my age is to learn much from the young. I look forward to learning more from you and working together in 2012 to gather the like-minded and working together.
      thanks and love, Dai Sil

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