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December 15, 2011

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! “ lamented Jesus, his heart full of anguish and sorrow, for the humans his Father created.

In America, “the land of the free,” false prophets declare every day that they would gather us children under their wings as a “hen gathers her brood,” if they were voted to be the President.  Thank God, Sarah Palin is not included in this crowd of the presidential hopefuls, but her “life” is going to be an HBO series!

Every time we open our Internet or newspapers, we have all those “celebrity” faces –faces like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan — who are getting divorces, getting married again, going to jail for the possession of drugs, etc.   Lives of decent, ordinary people with love, grief, joy, hope and disappointment are never in the news. The faces of starving children sadden me but the newsworthy “celebrity faces” make me boiling  mad.

What to do with my feelings, mad and dangerous like a volcano soon to erupt?

I sit still for a while. Then I go for a walk with the sky as my company.  A smile comes to me, remembering how I used to enunciate, “Gibson as in Mel Gibson,” whenever some dummy in the government offices or credit card company could not get “Gibson,” my married name.  I decide, “From now on, I am going to say, ‘Gibson as in Don Gibson.’   If you can’t get it, shove it,” and grin.

I imagine Don grinning at this thought and telling me not to let all those false prophets  discourage me about life and society we live in.  I hear him telling me, “Screw the media, screw the false prophets, screw the celebrities who treat marriages and divorces as if they were children’s toys. Remember, a tiny grin of the like-minded people around the globe gathered and working together with love for humanity will be like dust gathered together to become a mountain.”


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  1. Remember that these celebrities are just cyphers. For whatever reason, they became famous, and they act as mute repositories for our ideals. The louder and more vociferous they act, the more mute and meaningless they are (look at Snooki). They function in society as a vacuous distraction from all that is truly scary and important.

    I know it’s enraging at times to see such worthless high-profile people occupy the spotlight. But these people are not really gaining much by their fame–they are just space filler for our culture. It’s just not worth using that powerful rage you have on these people. It’s like madly whacking away at a soap bubble that’s going to melt into thin air in a few seconds. The whole celebrity/tabloid dynamic is nothing but an exercise in emptiness. Do we really, truly care what Kim Kardashian wore out to dinner last week? Does it make a dent in the culture at large?

    You’ve got bigger, better things to take care of. And you’re taking care of them, through your writing and your dialogue, and that’s the important and truly great thing here.

    • Dear Yoona,

      I totally agree with your description of celebrities. Believe me, I do not spend much of my emotion or time for them but just once in a while those faces appearing all over the print and internet media make me mad. Even then, my “agner” leads me to take a walk and come away with more value of ordinary folks like you and me. Remember I am Mrs. Gibson, Gibson as in Don Gibson, not in Mel Gibson!

      Have a joyful day with a smile on your face. I will try to do the same.
      Dai Sil

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